Basic Trauma Course ( Online Webinar )


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Recognize the wide prevalence of trauma


3 Hours


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Basic Trauma Course ( Online Webinar )

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Course Objectives


By the end of this course you will be able to:

-Recognize the wide prevalence of trauma

-Understand the different mechanisms of trauma

-Apply the main concepts of management of the trauma patients , including the primary survey, secondary survey and definitive treatment

-Understand the concepts of transfer, and contentious care of the traumatized patient

-Evaluate the severity of the trauma patient

-Special considerations in trauma management


Target Audience


All Medical Practitioners including Emergency Physicians, Surgeons and Paramedics.

All Medical students and Medical Residents.

All Nursing  Practitioners.

Dr.Mohammed Ashour Alnimnim MD

Pediatric Emergency Specialist Master degree in Healthcare Quality and patient safety(RCSI-IOL)

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