Healthcare Career Pathways Conference ( HCPC ) - Recorded


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Course Language: English
Accredited By: Academy of Sciences, Saudi Commission for Health Specialties,

This activity will provide knowledge, support, advice, and tips on career planning.


2 Days

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Healthcare Career Pathways Conference ( HCPC ) - Recorded

About the HCPC Conference :


The Program is designed to engage different stakeholders in the medical profession's journey discussing relevant topics and bringing peers, expertise, and program directors of different specialties together in open discussion. As well as making the attendees aware of available resources and services that they may need in their training.


During this conference, We will:

  • Address challenges of career path
  • Burnout
  • Stress
  • Offer a comprehensive program that provides assistance in creating a healthy future path for medical professionals from students to practionners.
  • Tips for success in passing the Saudi Commission’s Licensing exams; failure rates are high in all disciplines, limiting the chances of progression in the areas of choice for the students.
  • Bring new trainee supportive programs to light;
  • Bridging program
  • Mentor-mentee volunteers
  • Highlighting the available supportive resources to help juniors have a better vision for their future career.

 Target Audience : 

  • Medical students
  • Interns
  • Residents
  • Fellows
  • Dental Students
  • Nursing Students


D1 Opening Ceremony

D1S1 Meeting the 2030 Supply and Demand in KSA Sponsored by SCFHS

D1S2 Education sponsor King Abdulaziz University & King Saud University

D1S3 Wellbeing

D1S4 Special Skills To Acquire


D2 Main Room - AM Career Choice And Proper Practices 2

D2 Main Room - PM Career Choice And Proper Practices 2

D2R1 - AM Nursing

D2R1 - PM Laboratory

D2R2 - AM Medical Students & Interns

D2R2 - PM Dentistry

D2R3 - AM Residents

D2R3 - PM Fellows

D2R4 - AM Physiotherapy

D2R4 - PM Pharmacy

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