Career Advice Clinic

Academy Of Science

About the Career Advice Clinic

The Career Advice Clinic at AOS, is a clinic that allows you to meet an expert, confidentially, and in private, to guide you in your career.

Career concerns that can be addressed can vary between career choices, general advice or support, research basic guidance and referrals, challenges on choosing your specialty, and much more. Other advice may be needed for challenges of training; stress management, time management, relations, and wellbeing.

For this matter, we provide you with a comprehensive assistance to help you get the best of this Service.

It is crucial to disclose that data collected from this process, interviews, and all communications are confidential, and will only be shared with the assigned advisor and saved in a secure cloud vault in the Academy.


Assist customers to identify their challenges, fears, and obstacles that hinder their progress.

Guide customers through the correct channels to follow up on their concerns

Allow customers to express their issues in confidence, privacy, and away for judgment.

Help customers realize their potentials and have a clearer view of their career path

Connect customers, when needed, with renowned and reliable senior members, who will help them overcome their concerns, and tailor the plan according to their needs.


Please fill in the below short survey, and book your appointment with an advisor. The data collected from the survey is confidential and will only be shared with the assigned advisor.

  • Duration

    45 mins
  • Number of sessions:


  • Cost

    450 SAR (special discounts are available for AOS memebers)

  • Expectations

    A questionnaire will be sent to you by the AOS team (data collected will only be shared with the assigned advisor)

    The advisor will discuss the questionnaire, get to know you more, and will provide the advice.

    A summary report will be sent to you after the meeting with the agreed upon plan, or further actions recommended.

    If there is a need to a specialized, advanced follow up, the AOS team will coordinate to connect you with the most appropriate resource.

  • Duration

    30 mins per session
  • Number of sessions:


  • Cost

    1200 SAR (special discounts are available for AOS memebers)

  • Expectations

    Meet an expert in the area of concern

    Plan together the process to follow and what are the additional requirements

    Report of the meetings

    In-depth assessment

Initial Survey

  • Level of education: