Basic Surgical Skills Course Orthopedics


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Course Language: English
Accredited By: Academy of Sciences, Saudi Commission for Health Specialties,

Basic Surgical Skills course-Ortho teaches the essential basic technical skills required of a surgeon


2 Days

Credit Hours

14 Hours


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Basic Surgical Skills Course Orthopedics

Course Accreditation:

 This course is accredited with 14 CMEs for 1-2 March 2024 date only.


Course Description:

Basic Surgical Skills course-Ortho teaches the essential basic technical skills required of a surgeon, instilling good practice at the early stages of training. Participants are introduced to the principles underpinning the various techniques being taught and practice these techniques under the expert supervision consultant surgeons. Participants are assessed throughout the course and issued with a certificate upon successful completion.

Course Objectives:

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:
1) Explain the principles of good practice in theatre etiquette, knot tying, suturing, haemostasis, anastomosis, surgical diathermy and ergonomics for minimal access surgery;
2) Describe correct handling and use of surgical instruments;
3) Demonstrate an appropriate procedure for 'gowning' and 'gloving' in accordance with recommended standards of practice;
4) Tie a variety of reliable knots, including surgical reef knots and the and tying at depth;
5) Suture a variety of tissues, including skin, bowel, vascular tissue and tendons effectively;
6) Perform abscess drainage and contaminated wound debridement in accordance with the basic principles of wound management; vascular and tendon anastomoses; 7) Demonstrate an understanding of basic diathermic technique;
8) Learn the principles of Arthroscope Surgery


Target Audience:

Orthopedics Surgeons 

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